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Crossfade Customs

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If you would like to download and use our custom logo templates, then please use the links below. We offer templates in both .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and .psd (Adobe Photoshop) formats, so please make sure your computer has these programs installed before downloading.

For Adobe Illustrator

  • Save and upload your file in .ai format (DO NOT save/convert/export to JPEG, PNG, or any other format)
  • Convert all text/font to outlines (to do this, select your font and go to Type > Create Outlines)
  • Double check that all font has been converted to outlines - if you don't, your font may not show up on our machines as we likely do not have the same font files as you were using
  • Please make sure you keep your artwork within the safety guidelines of the shield
  • If placing/importing an external file/image (file > place), please make sure the file is embedded into the document and NOT linked (make sure the "linked" box is unchecked before you place the file)

For Adobe Photoshop

  • Please make sure your artwork is placed on the layer called "Your Artwork Here"
  • You are welcome to save and upload your artwork in the .psd format
  • If you choose to save your artwork as a JPEG or PNG file before uploading, please make sure all layers (except your artwork layer) is made invisible (to do this, click the "eyeball" next to each layer in the Layers Window)
  • Please make sure all fonts/text are "rasterized" before saving (to do this, right click on your text/font layers and select "rasterize layer")
  • Double check that all fonts have been rasterized - if you don't then your fonts may not show up on our machines as we likely do not have the same font files as you do

Download Custom Logo Templates:

LP/LP2/M-100 Over-Ear M-80/V-80 On-Ear
Adobe Illustrator Template Adobe Illustrator Over-Ear Template
(CS4) (CS5)
Adobe Illustrator Template Adobe Illustrator On-Ear Template
(CS4) (CS5)
Adobe Photoshop Template Adobe Photoshop Over-Ear Template Adobe Photoshop Template Adobe Photoshop On-Ear Template

Optimal Art

Crossfade Customs uses a 2-Line black and white artwork for laser engraving. Due to the hardness of metal, engraving different colors and even lighter shades of gray is not possible. Therefore, all art must be represented as 2-line artwork in black and white: black is engraved into the surface, white is not.

Logos, photographs, advertisements and other forms of art must be converted or traced to 2-line black and white artwork before they can be engraved. In most cases V-MODA can convert most logos and clip art with basic tracing methods at no additional charge. However, more complicated graphic artwork and photographs may require serious aesthetic modifications that will require your approval; and may also incur additional graphic design fees. Please try to have your logos/images/artwork void of any busy backgrounds, for they do not print well.

We will accept ONLY the following file types: .EPS, .TIFF, .AI, .PSD, .BMP, .PNG or JPEG. For best engraving results, your artwork should be in high-resolution format (300dpi or above).  Art in low resolution (72dpi) may not look clear/clean when engraved onto the shields.

NOTE: Please make sure that you have the rights to reproduce the artwork. For instance, you cannot send an image of Mickey Mouse unless you have express written rights from Disney to use it.

Below is an example of a proper 2-line image that can be engraved on the shields.

V-MODA Crossfade Custom