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fu•ga•zi adj. Italian slang fake; counterfeit

*Does not apply to the band FUGAZI who are both real and true musicians :)
Practice safe sound and beware of FUGAZI, for they are counterfeit fakes. FUGAZI are inferior in quality and durability, even if they do look similar. Only purchase products from V-MODA verified retailers including V-MODA.com, Amazon.com (direct only, no third-parties), Microsoft Store and Brookstone . Avoid all third-party sellers.

Blacklisted Non-Authorized FUGAZI Resellers

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How to spot a fugazi Crossfade LP

Fugazi Real
Fugazi Case Fugazi Case
With the case laying down with the carabiner strap visible, the zipper (when the case is zipped up) will appear on your right side. With the case laying down with the carabiner strap visible, the zipper (when the case is zipped up) will appear on your left side.

Fugazi Real
Fugazi Pattern Real Pattern
The fugazi case has an even checkerboard like pattern (small even squares). The "V ridges" on the case are also not very predominant. A real case has a pattern more akin to "crocodile skin" (very uneven shapes/squares), and the "V ridges" are very predominant and can clearly be seen and felt.

Fugazi Real
Fugazi Logo Real Logo
The fugazi's embroidered logo is very uneven and doesn't accurately portray the V-MODA logo. The real case has an embroidered logo that very evenly stitched and accurately resembles the V-MODA logo.

Fugazi Real
Fugazi Headband Real Headband
The fugazi's headband has the V-MODA logo stamped (indented) on (example is for a fugazi pair of Phantom Chromes). The headband on a set of real Crossfade LPs (in this example, a pair of Phantom Chromes) won't have the logo printed anywhere. On other models (gunmetal black, nero, rouge, white pearl), the V-MODA logo will be printed on (not indented).

Fugazi Real
Fugazi Earpads Real Earpads
The fugazi's earpads are much larger in shape and form than the metal ear cups. The earpads on a real Crossfade LP are just slightly larger than the metal ear cups.