V-MODA headphones are designed for the ultimate music experience. For the best sound tailored for you, please consider these tips:

  • Listen to your headphones for at least 24 hours to allow time for the headband to adjust to your head, soften the cushions and "burn-in" the drivers
  • If headphones are too tight or loose, bend the Steelflex headband gently inwards or outwards
  • Ensure a great seal by clearing hair, jewelry and/or apparel from around your ears
  • Leave EQ and sound enhancements off for most genres, then adjust to your preference
  • V-MODA headphones sing with exclusive remixes optimized for your listening enjoyment, download the free V-MODA Musique app
  • Hearing may change with age and exposure to excessive sound levels, especially at high frequencies
    • PRACTICE SAFE SOUND and use hearing protection when in loud environments, V-MODA Faders by Ear Armor provide up to 12dB of hi-fidelity noise protection
    • Have your ears professionally tested and cleaned annually
V-MODA TrueHertz
 V-MODA TrueHertz

"I founded V-MODA over seven years ago to make sure your headphones are as unique as your music and style. In these years we've spent countless hours on the road and in the studio collaborating with over 50 of the world's most renowned producers, DJs and artists to ensure no detail was missed to create iconic, museum-quality headphones. This passion led us to using timeless materials including steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, zinc and Kevlar to create military-grade headphones. It also drove us to sculpt a response curve and soundstage that recreates the sensations of the finest sound systems."