Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship worldwide with various shipping options. Please visit our shipping page for more details.

What is your "standard shipping" option?
On/Over-Ear headphones ship with USPS Priority shipping (2-3 business days once shipped). Other items ship USPS First Class (3-7 business days once shipped).

I was charged import duties/taxes/VAT? Why is this? I thought I already paid for shipping?
As per the regulations in your region, you may be responsible for any VAT/Import Taxes/Duties/Brokerage fees or other fees. These are added after shipment from V-MODA.

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?
Orders are processed during business hours (M-F 9AM-6PM PST). Orders placed outside of this time are processed the following business day (ie orders placed on Friday night are processed the following Monday).

I paid for UPS expedited (Next day, 2 Day, 3 Day) shipping, why isn't it here?
Our service does not include UPS Saturday delivery (ex: If your order was shipped on Friday, it will not arrive on Saturday or Sunday).

I have an international shipment and the provided tracking number has not been updated?
If you're using First Class shipping for an international shipment, it does not include real time tracking updates.


My headphones are not functioning properly, what do I do?
Please fill out a warranty form here, once you submit the form you will be emailed further instructions (please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder).

What is covered under your Premier Warranty?
Our Premier Warranty (both 1-year or 2-year) cover any manufacture defects your headphones may suffer from.

What do I need to fulfill my warranty?
You need the product and proof of purchase (receipt, billing statement, etc).

How do I know if my product is under warranty?
All of our products have a 1 or 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. You can find a chart showing each warranty period on our warranty page.

How long does the warranty/repair process take?
The current wait time for headphone repairs/replacement is 3-4 weeks. 

Do you offer refunds on your products?
Yes, for purchases from V-MODA.com within 60 days of purchase. If not purchased from V-MODA.com, please contact the point of purchase (ie Amazon, Brookstone, etc).

If I want to return my product for a refund, what do I do?
If your product was purchased within the last 60 days from our website (V-MODA.com), please send the product, a copy of your proof of purchase, and a note explaining the reason for return as well as your contact info to:

V-MODA Refunds
6464 W Sunset Blvd. STE 570
Hollywood, CA 90028

My over/on-ear headphones (Crossfade LP, LP2, M80, M-100's) are broken and fall outside of warranty, can you repair them?
Yes, we can repair mechanical issues free of charge. Please send your headphones with a note explaining the damage and your contact information to:

V-MODA Repairs
6464 W Sunset Blvd. STE 570
Hollywood, CA 90028

What is the 60 day test drive guarantee?
The 60 day test drive allows you to try out the product for 60 days when purchased from our website (V-MODA.com). If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you may return it within the 60 day period for a refund of the purchase price.

What is the Immortal Life Program?
If your headphones have been overused, broken, or fall outside the warranty period, we offer a 50% coupon towards the purchase of a comparable headphone model (we do not offer upgrades).

How does the Immortal Life Program work?
We ask that you destroy the headphones yourself and email us a picture of the destroyed headphones to support@v-moda.com with your contact details.

Wait, you need me to destroy my headphones?
Yes, this saves time and shipping for processing the Immortal Life program. A member of our Six-Star customer support will contact you with a discount code to use on our site.

What if I don't have a camera to take a picture with?
If you cannot take a picture of your now destroyed headphones (either with a digital camera or your smart phone) then you may mail your headphones to us. Please note that you will not receive the 50% coupon until after we have received your broken headphones in the mail.


My order status shows "Awaiting Fulfillment", what does that mean?
That means your order has not been physically fulfilled by a member of our team. This status should change within one businiess day of purchase.

My order status shows "Awaiting Shipment", what does that mean?
This means your order is being processed by our team but has not yet shipped out.

My order status shows "Awaiting Payment", what does that mean?
This means a member of our staff needs to manually review and approve your payment before processing.

One of the items in my order is out of stock, will the the rest of my order ship separately?
No, all items within an order will ship together. We do not separate shipments.

The shipment for my order shows delivered, yet it's not here, what do I do?
Please check with your post office/neighbors/mail receiver first. If that is unsuccessful, then please contact a member of our Six-Star team.

I received the wrong product in my shipment, what do I do?
Please contact a member of our Six-Star team.

I'm missing an item I ordered in my shipment, what do I do?
Please contact a member of our Six-Star team.


What's the sound difference between the Crossfade LP, Cropssfade LP2, and Crossfade M-100?
The Crossfade LP and LP2 are part of our "Live Series" with heavy bass, while the Crossfade M-100's and M-80's are part of our "Modern Audiophile" M-Class with more refined mids and highs.

What are verified like new/private sale items?
These are older or refurbished V-MODA products.

My headband is too tight, what can I do?
To relieve the pressure, you can stretch the headband by bending it outwards (placing hands on the ends of the headband - not the earcups). You may repeat this process until you're happy with a looser fit. You can also bend the headband inwards to make a tighter fit.

I'm only getting sound out of one ear on my headphones? What should I do?
First, try both cords (if provided), making sure the 45-degree angled plug is plugged into your device and not your headphones. Second, test the headphones on multiple devices if possible. If the problem persists, please fill out our warranty form.

My 1-Button SpeakEasy cable play/pause button won't work, what should I do?
Make sure you have the 45-degree plug inserted into your device (phone, tablet, iPod, etc), and the straight end plug inserted into your headphones. You may also want to make sure your headphone socket on your device is clean and clear of any debris.

Are my memory cushions replaceble?
Yes they are, please visit our accessories section to purcahse extra pairs.


My BoomPro microphone won't work, what should I do?
Make sure you do not have the mute button pressed on the switch, and that the volume knob is turned up. If using with a Windows PC, make sure you're using the provided VoIP adapter when connecting to the computer.

Will my BoomPro microphone work on the Sony Playstation 4?
Yes, the BoomPro microphone will work out of the box (no adapter needed) with the Sony Playstaton 4. Just plug the 45-degree plug into the headphone jack on the Dualshock 4 controller, and the other end into your headphones.

Will my BoomPro microphone work on the Sony Playstation Vita?
Yes, the BoomPro microphone will work out of the box (no adapter needed) with the Sony Playstaton Vita. Just plug the 45-degree plug into the headphone jack on the bottom of the Vita, and the other end into your headphones.

Will my BoomPro microphone work on the Sony Playstation 3?
The BoomPro microphone will not work out of the box with the Sony Playstation 3, an adapter will be needed for functionality.

Will my BoomPro microphone work on the Microsoft Xbox 360?
The BoomPro microphone will not work out of the box with the Microsoft Xbox 360, an adapter will be needed for functionality.

Will My BoomPro microphone work on the Microsoft Xbox One?
The BoomPro microphone will not work out of the box with the Microsoft Xbox One, the official Xbox One headset adapter will be needed for functionality.

Do you sell a gaming console adapter for your BoomPro Microphone?
No, we do not.


Is my device compatible with the Vamp Verza?
Check our Vamp Verza compatiblity page for the current lineup of compatible phones/devices.

Can I use the Bass Enhance Mode on all devices connected to the VERZA?
No, you can only use the Bass Enhance Mode on iAmp mode (the first toggle switch) with Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc). Bass Enhance Mode will not work while in USB-DAC mode and connected with Android and PC/Mac devices.

Can I charge my Android device while plugged in and listening to music through the VERZA?
No, if you have your Android deviced plugged into the VERZA (via micro-USB to micro-USB) for audio playback, the VERZA will not charge your device. This is due to limitations of the USB connection. If you want to charge your Android device using the VERZA, plug your device into the VERZA using the micro-USB to SUB cable (please note you cannot use the VERZA for audio playback with your device while doing this).

Do I need to remove the rubber "bumper" off the VERZA before installing the VERZADOCK?
No, in fact we recommend you keep the rubber bumpers on the VERZA, even when installing the VERZADOCK. This will especially help with the METALLO iPhone 5 case, which may slightly bump into the volume knob when connected to the VERZA without the bumpers installed.

How do I charge my Vamp Verza?
Connect your VERZA to a PC/Mac/USB Charger using the micro-USB to USB cable, and have toggle switch 1 on the USB-DAC position, and toggle switch 2 on the Vamp position.

If I've installed the VERZADOCK and METALLO case onto my VERZA, can I still use my device's rear camera?
Yes you can. To use your rear camera, just slightly slide up the METALLO case (see picture) and then slide down when finished.

Can I custom engrave my Vamp Verza?
Yes you can. Upon ordering, just select "Yes" under Your Design, and upload your appropriate file. For more information, see the Custom Engraving FAQ section of this page.


When buying a custom shield kit (either over-ear and/or on-ear), how many shields do I get?
Each custom shield kit comes with two shields of the color you selected. Over-Ear shield kits also come with wing tips (which are compatible with the Crossfade LP and LP2's, NOT the M-100's)

What file types do you accept for uploading custom artwork?
We accept the following types of files for your custom artwork: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PSD, .PDF, .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .DOC(X), .CDR

I don't know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, can I just send a normal .JPG image?
Yes, we do not require that you upload your artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator format (though it would be nice). You are free to upload a normal image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc) and our customs department can convert to Photoshop and Illustrator formats themselves.

I'm designing and uploading my artwork in Photoshop format(.PSD), do you have any requirements?
Please remember to "rasterize" any text/fonts you may have, in case our computers do not have the same font files you are using.

I'm designing and uploading my artwork in Illustrator (.AI) format, do you have any requirements?
Please remember to "outline" any text/fonts you may have, in case our computers do not have the same font files you are using. Please also be sure to embed (NOT link) any external images you may have in your file, and lastly when saving your .AI file, it's recommended you check the box that reads "Make PDF Compatible Version" for compatibility issues between our software and computers.

Do you have any size requirements for an image I submit? Any DPI requirements?
The key thing to remember here is bigger is definitely better. While we don't have any required size, it's recommended that for best engraving results you try to have an image that is at least 300dpi and 1000px wide or tall. Anything smaller may not engrave that well.

I have an image I want to use for engraving, do I need to vectorize it first?
No, it's not necessary to vectorize your image if you can't (or don't know how). Our customs department will be able to vectorize it in Illustrator themselves before engraving.

Can I get an image engraved in color or black?
No, our engraving machine only engraves in the color white (so any image/logo you submit will be engraved as white on the shield color you select).

Do I need to invert my image before uploading?
The rule of thumb here is that whatever is black on your image will get engraved as white, and whatever is white on your image won't get engraved at all (it'll be the shield color). So keep that in mind while selecting/creating/uploading your image. If you don't know how to invert your image, do not worry, our customs department will be able to take care of that for you.

Can my design extend all the way towards the edge of the shields?
Due to the curvature of the shields, our engraving machine has limitations on how far to the edge of the shield it can engrave, and therefore it's recommended that you keep your design an 1/8" from the edges.

Can I get a different design on each shield (so two designs total)?
Yes you can. You can either make two layers in your Photoshop or Illustrator files (CLEARLY LABELED), or you can upload one file when making your order, and then email the other file to customs@v-moda.com

Can you mirror my image on the opposite shield?
We can easily mirror/reverse any image you'd like, as long as you make a request for it in the order notes section.

Can I get my favorite sports team or college logo engraved?
No, unfortunately we cannot engrave copyrighted logos such as professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, etc) or college/school logos. We also cannot engrave copyrighted properties and/or company logos (such as Batman, Superman, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc).


When using my supplied 1/4" adapter with my headphones, I get no sound when plugged into my DJ Mixer/receiver. What should I do?
It's possible that your mixer/receiver/device is incompatible with our current 1/4" adapter and/or our 1-button and SharePlay cables. Please try using a standard audio cord (no microphone/splitter) or our CoilCable instead.

I bought my headphones from an online retailer and am not sure if they are legit, what should I do?
Please check our No Fugazi page for more details. We recommend only buying from our Verified Resellers. Headphones bought from non verified resellers could be fake, and are not covered under our Premier Warranty