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  • "The look of V-MODA gear may be a little Versace for some mild-mannered audiophiles, but make no mistake: Val Kolton knows a thing or two about good sound and beneath the flashy exteriors of his gears you'll find thoughtful engineering, well-conceived ergonomics, and impressive sound quality. There's nothing quite like the VAMP out there right now - it's the only high-performance portable we've seen that integrates so seamlessly with the iPhone and so transparently preserves your Apple device's other functionality"
    Sound + Vision Magazine (Read the full V-MODA VAMP Review)


  • vamp-top-dog-image.jpg"If you absolutely need the best audio quality from your smartphone while you're on the go, then you probably need a portable amp. V-MODA has been putting out headphones for a while that caters to the audiophile market, and is now ready to launch its own iPhone amp, dubbed the VAMP"

  • "Putting the V-MODA VAMP on your iPhone is like watching it change into its superhero audio costume. It's outrageously expensive, but there's also nothing quite like it"
    -Popular Science (Read the full review)
  • "V-MODA's VAMP is a unique product, providing audiophile-level amplification and sound processing to sound output from the iPhone 4 and 4S. It does a remarkable job of improving the sound from an iPhone"
    -TUAW (Read the full review)
  • “V-MODA VAMP uses better digital to analog conversion than the iPhone itself, so the music quality is crisper and more authentic. Plus, the device also works as back-up battery, which is handy for long plane rides”
    Inc. Magazine (Read the full review)
  • "If money really isn't an issue when it comes to your search for the finest sound possible from your iPhone, V-MODA has a new accessory for your to consider"
    Engadget (Read the full review)
  • "The VAMP is meticulously and lovingly tailored to the audiophile consumer"
     - Gizmodo (Read the full review)
  • "If you thought the songs you downloaded from iTunes sounded just O-K, now they will sound like they are on steroids"
    Chip Chick (Read the full review)

  • "If James Bond was an audiophile (and who says he isn't) we probably wouldn't know it, anyway. Arguable the world's most fictitious spy, 007 is best known for roughing his enemies, wiggling his way out of impossibly tight situations, wooing exceptionally hot women and, of course, sporting the slickest gadgets. And while we aren't likely to see Bond lounging in a private jet listening to hig-end headphones while sipping martinis (that just wouldn't make for an engaging movie sequence - not even for product placement) we're pretty certain that if we did, we wouldn't see him faffing about with multiple pieces of audiophile gear aimed at making his smartphone sound...well...Bond-worthy. While 007's audiophile credentials will probably remian in question forever, we've had a bit of fun imagining what kind of kit Q would hook James up with for some sweet sounds to enjoy while jet-setting to a drug cartel smack-down. Apparently, we aren't the only ones. Last month, V-MODA introduced the VAMP, an all-in-one headphone amp, DAC and battery pack designed to attach to the iPhone 4/4S which the company enjoys imagining is just the sort of thing a spy would be into" 
    – Digital Trends (Read the full review)