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XS 3D Custom Headphones

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"Practically Perfect in Every Way" -Innerfidelity


"Five years in the making and worth it" - Associated Press

Tuned and trusted by V-MODA's golden ears, editors, audiophiles, producers and DJs on the forums and around the globe. Our M-Class series has won a record 22 Editors’ Choice Awards, are the top-reviewed by customers and voted #1 by the world's top DJs.

XS uncompromising sound is created by:

  • M-Class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers (patent pending) -Inner and outer rings deliver vibrant bass, vivid mids & vivacious highs without overlap
  • Passive Noise Isolation - Cuts out noise
  • No Batteries or Processing - Powerful clarity without two extra digital-to-analog conversions
  • Obsessive Quality Control - 5+ years of R&D
V-MODA XS Material Edge
"World's first jewel-grade 3D Printing fused with consumer electronics. Not merely game changing... trailblazing." -Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO

Forg3D MATERIALS view swatches

"This revolution will be personaliz3D"

  • Precious Metals - Commissioned works of art and the ultimate symbol of bespoke luxury (sterling silver, 14k gold, 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, platinum)
  • Raw and Gold Plated Metals - Luxury within reach in brilliant finishes or raw metals that patina over time (raw brass, raw bronze, 14k rose gold plated, 14k gold plated, rhodium plated)
  • Stainless Steel - Distinctive "Damascus steel" effect that allows you to proudly showcase the advanced 3D technology behind your forged relic (matte black, stainless seel, polished gold, polished bronze, matte bronze)
  • Fiber - Lightweight and matte touch (9 matte & vibrant colors)

11+ Stage Handcrafted Process

  • 3D Sculpted in Italy - Each shield is sculpted at the V-MODA Milano studio overlooking Castle Sforza, Leonardo Da Vinci’s workplace for 20 years and home of Michelangelo’s last sculpture
  • Made in NYC and USA - 3D printed via state-of-the-art technology and traditionally finished by meticulous hand polishing
  • Upload your design (BETA) - Endorse yourself with your own logo for embossing by our Italian 3D sculptors - view FAQ

V-MODA Hand Crafted 3D Shields
V-MODA XS 3D Material Edge


"Most on ear and over headphones have a gap" -CNET

5+ years of R&D resulted in a wind-tunnel worthy design that contours evenly to the shape of your head. Discovery why "the fit is the sound".

  • Mind the Gap - Patented sleek design frames the natural lines of your facial features and minimizes unsightly gap - View more
  • Optional Custom Shield Kits - 3D Print or laser engrave your logo, change your shield material and color
  • Cable & Cushion Ecosystem - Extend your functionality with the BoomPro Mic for gaming and communication, XL Memory Cushions, CoilPro extended and a variety of cables

"Tough as an armored truck...not on your head" -Digital Trend
V-MODA XS Durability


"There’s nothing I’d recommend more" -Popular Science

  • Virtually Indestructible STEELFLEX Headband
  • Steel Frame
  • Exoskeleton Form-Fitting Case
  • Tested Beyond Military-Level Quality MIL-STD-810G Test Standards
  • Durable Cable/Plug Bend - Cables and 45-degree plug can bend over 1 million times (100x industry standard)
  • Headband Bend - Steelflex can bend 10+ times flat
  • Environmental - High and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure

V-MODA XS Durability


Small enough to make you think twice before grabbing your in-ears.

  • Exoskeleton Case - Fits in the palm of your hand and virtually anywhere
  • Carabiner - Clips inside or outside your bag
  • CliqFold Hinge™ (patent pending) - Folds to an impossibly small size with a satisfying click

View more

"Mic that you'll call home"


  • Dual Inputs & V-CORK - Mix two sources at the same time or daisy chain headphones with your friends; the included V-CORK seals & protects the unused input
  • SpeakEasy™ Mic Cable - Specially tuned for voice recognition and calls in the noisiest environments, the button control universally works with all 3.5mm smartphones and tablets including Apple, Android, Samsung, Windows, Kindle and Blackberry
  • Optional BoomPro™, SharePlay™ & 3-Button Cables - choose a professional-grade boom mic for gaming/Skype/Voice, an extended cable with built-in sharing or a 3-button mic cable for Apple in a range of colors

V-MODA XS Cables
"V-MODA is quickly becoming the standard of quality" -ElektroDaily


  • What's Included?
    • XS Headphones
    • Exoskeleton carry case
    • Carabiner clip
    • Durable SpeakEasy™ Microphone control cable
    • V-CORK (2)
    • V-MODA sticker
    • Six-Star Service
  • Type - On-Ear Supra-aural
  • Frequency Response - 5 - 30,000Hz
  • Sensitivity - 105 dB @ 1kHz 1mW
  • Microphone Sensitivity - -42dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedance - 28.5Ω
  • Weight - 195g (headphone only)
  • Plug - 45 degree, 24k gold-plated 3.5mm (1/8") stereo


Two-Year Warranty - Immortal Life Program - 60-Day Test Drive Guarantee: Each Crossfade XS purchased from a Verified Reseller is backed by a 2-Year V-MODA Premier Warranty, more than double the industry average. In the unlikely event you run over your headphones with a tank, with the V-MODA Immortal Life Program, you get 50% off a replacement for a lifetime. V-MODA is so confident the XS is a superior headphone, it even offers an unrivaled 60-Day test drive guarantee. 25% restocking fee for 3D custom models. V-MODA Six-Star Support


V-MODA Crossfade M-100 V-MODA Crossfade LP2 V-MODA Crossfade LP V-MODA XS V-MODA Crossfade M-80
Type Over-Ear On-Ear
Amazon Review Amazon Review 4.7/5
4.6/5 (1001 Reviews)
Amazon Review 4.7/5
4.7/5 (119 Reviews)
Amazon Review 4.7/5
4.5/5 (2,660 Reviews)
Amazon Review 4.7/5
4.8/5 (158 Reviews)
Amazon Review 4.7/5
4.4/5 (590 Reviews)
Sound Signature M-Class "Modern Audiophile" LP-Class "Live Play" LP-Class "Live Play" M-Class "Modern Audiophile" M-Class "Modern Audiophile"
Character audiophile balanced, precision bass, vivid mids, crystal clear ultra wide highs, 3D sound stage. refined vibrant bass, vivid mids, vivacious highs, 3D sound stage. vibrant bass, vivid mids, vivacious highs, 3D sound stage. balanced, precision bass, vivid mids, crystal clear ultra wide highs, 3D sound stage. balanced, precision bass, vivid mids, cystal clear highs, 3D sound stage.
Driver M-100 Dual Diaphragm
LP2 Dual Diaphragm
LP Dual Diaphragm
M-Class Dual Diaphragm
M-80 Dual Diaphragm
Passive Noise
Exoskeleton Case
Cliq Fold
Dual Inputs
Share Play
Speak Easy Mic
Coil Pro
(Not Included)
Boom Pro
(Not Included)
Durable & Reinforced
• 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic cable
• SharePlay audio cable
• 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic cable
• Extended audio cable
• 3-Button Mic cable
• Extended audio cable
• 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic cable • 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic cable
• Extended audio cable
3D Printed & Laser-Engraved Shields Customize Your Crossfade M-100/LP2/LP Shields Customize Your Crossfade M-100/LP2/LP Shields Customize Your Crossfade M-100/LP2/LP Shields Customize Your XS/M-80/V-80 Shields Customize Your XS/M-80/V-80 Shields
Warranty 2 Year + Immortal Life 50% 2 Year + Immortal Life 50% 1 Year + Immortal Life 50% 2 Year + Immortal Life 50% 2 Year + Immortal Life 50%
V-MODA Crossfade M-100 V-MODA Crossfade LP2 V-MODA Crossfade LP V-MODA XS V-MODA Crossfade M-80
V-MODA Custom Shield Kits V-MODA Memory Cushions V-MODA BoomPro Mic V-MODA CoilPro V-MODA Vamp Verza


“XS are the best on-ear headphones I ever used.” –UrAvgConsumer

“R. Matthew Ward called the M–80 'the best pair of sealed, supra-aural [on-ear] headphones I’ve tried.' I think the XS sounds slightly better, its improved headband is more comfortable, and its fold-up design makes it more portable.” –Macworld

“A potent combination of portability, comfort and superior sound that make you want to wear them all day.” –Digitaltrends.com

“Well made, customizable with engraved plates and, most importantly, they sound great." –Engadget

“V-MODA's well-deserved praise over the years for designing fashion-forward wearable technology with incredible sound." –Associated Press, Greg Ellman

“Sound of the V-MODA XS headphones are impeccable... V-MODA is quickly becoming the standard of quality". –ElektroDaily

“V-MODA is known for high-quality headphones... The new XS look fantastic and sound even better." –Investor's Business Daily

“Most headphones touch your head at the ear and at the very top of your head. The XS headphone's band allows more points of contact to spread that pressure out over more area." –Audioholics

“V-MODA's efforts to minimize the gap between the headband and your head not only make the XS look cooler, they make it fit better." -About.com

“The portable on-ear headphone to beat." –Macworld


What does #IIID mean?
IIID is "3D" written in Roman numerals to highlight the future of manufacturing and inspiration of past Italian Renaissance artistry required for the sculpting of your shields by the V-MODA Milano Studio.

When buying a 3D custom shield kit (either Over-Ear and/or On-Ear), how many shields do I get?
Each custom shield kit comes with two shields of the color/material you selected.

Why does the shipping time of 3D shields take so long?
3D sculpting, printing, and finishing is a complex process that requires traditional handcraftsmanship and 11+ steps. After you submit your logo/design with monograms, our Italian sculptors are tasked with sculpting a 3D model,which will then be printed in New York City.

Furthermore, the material you choose also changes the lead time because the printing processes are different.

  • Fiber is made through selective laser sintering (SLS) using a bed of powder to form the shield layer by layer, it is then dyed in the color of your choice
  • Steel is made depositing steel powder in thin layers, combined with a binding material and built one layer at a time. The binder is then infused with bronze and heated to form the final steel shield
  • Precious & Cast Metals are made using a complex process, hi-res 3D printing is used to create a mold. Metal is then cast into the mold, the shield is extracted and finished by meticulous hand polishing (plated metals add an additional two stages of plating)

Does the 60-Day Test Drive Guarantee apply to 3D printed shields?
Yes, it does. However, a 25% restocking fee applies to the purchase of 3D custom headphones. A 50% restocking fee applies to the purchase of a pair of 3D printed shield kits. If any issues arise or you have questions on planning your 3D shield order, please contact our Six Star Support for consultation.

What types of materials and colors do you offer for 3D printed shields?
We offer four classes of materials:

  1. Fiber - 9 colors available
  2. Steel - Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Polished Gold, Polished Bronze, Matte Bronze
  3. Raw and Gold Plated Metals - Raw brass, Raw bronze, 14k Rose gold plated brass, 14k gold plated brass and Rhodium plated brass
  4. Precious Metals - Sterling Silver, 14k Solid Gold, 14k Solid Rose Gold and Platinum

Why is the "Upload your own logo" selection listed as "Beta"?
Sculpting a 3D model is a complex process. It takes time and thorough engineering validation before the design can be done by our Italian sculptors. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the shipping time will be the same of a standard order nor that every logo can be embossed on your shields. However, we will do our best to design your own 3D relic with the fastest turnaround possible. If any issues arise during the process, our customs department will get in touch with you to find the best solution.

What is the minimum thickness for 3D printing of designs and fonts?
Bolder logos with thicker lines are required for the best results. Thin or fine lines in the design and areas of fonts may not print properly.

Good and Bad Logo

How high is the logo embossing and volume limits of 3D files?
Logos are embossed at a height limit of 1mm, and the maximum volume of the shield and logo/3D file is 5.7 cubic centimeters for Over-Ear shields (2.9 cubic centimeters for On-Ear shields). If your logo or 3D file exceeds this volume, our team will contact you. V-MODA original designs can reach an embossing height of 2mm ("Studs" is the highest design).

What file types do you accept for uploading custom artwork?
We accept the following types of files for your custom artwork: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PSD, .PDF, .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .DOC(X), .CDR, .STL, .OBJ.

What logos or 3D files will be rejected?
Anything deemed explicit or inappropriate may be rejected at V-MODA's discretion.

I do not know how to use 3D modeling software, Photoshop or Illustrator. Can I just upload a normal .JPG image?
Yes, we do not require that you upload your artwork in a proper 3D file format, Photoshop or Illustrator format. You are free to upload a normal image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc) and our studio can convert it to the proper formats.

I am designing and uploading my artwork in Photoshop format (.PSD), do you have any requirements?
Please remember to "rasterize" any text/fonts you may have (right click on text layer and select "rasterize"), in case our computers do not have the same font files you are using.

I am designing and uploading my artwork in Illustrator (.AI) format, do you have any requirements?
Please remember to "outline" any text/fonts you may have, in case our computers do not have the same font files you are using. Please be sure to also embed (NOT link) any external images you may have in your file, and lastly when saving your .AI file, it is recommended you check the box that reads "Make PDF Compatible Version" for compatibility issues between our software and computers.

Do you have any size requirements for an image I submit? Any DPI requirements?
The bigger the better. While we do not have any required size, it is recommended that, for best 3D printing results, you submit an image that is at least 300 dpi and 1,000px wide or tall. Anything smaller may not be 3Dprinted very well.

I have an image I want to use for 3D printing, do I need to vectorize it first?
No, it is not necessary to vectorize your image if you cannot (or do not know how). Our customs department will be able to vectorize it in Illustrator themselves before 3D printing.

Can I get an image 3D printed in color or black?
3D printed shields are different from laser engraved shields. On 3D printed shields, the artwork is sculpted in the same material and color as the rest of the shields.

This is not true for our aluminum shields, which are not 3D printed but laser-engraved. Our engraving machine only engraves in white (so any image/logo you submit will be engraved as white on the shield color you select). For questions on 2D laser-engraved customs, please refer to the "CUSTOM LASER ENGRAVING FAQ" section

Can my design extend all the way towards the edge of the shields?
Because of the engineering validation, the 3D design and printing process has some limitations on how far toward the edge of the shield that we can 3D print. Your logo will be applied in the center of the shields, and the shield has a maximum volume of 5.7 cubic centimeters (2.9 cubic centimeters for On-Ear).

Can I send my design using the Illustrator/Photoshop template available at V-MODA.com?
Yes, you can send your artwork using our Illustrator/Photoshop template.

Can I get a different design on each shield?
Not at this time unfortunately. Our API is programmed to send orders of 2 shields with the same design each time. However, if you fancy a different design on each shield you may purchase two 3D Custom Shield Kits to mix and match between the designs on your headphones.

Can you mirror my image on the opposite shield?
Not at this time unfortunately. Our API is programmed to send orders of 2 shields with the same design each time. However, if you fancy your design to be mirrored on the opposite shield you may purchase two 3D Custom Shield Kits to mix and match between the designs on your headphones.

Can I get my favorite sports team or college logo 3D Printed?
No, unfortunately we cannot 3D print copyrighted logos such as professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, etc) or college/school logos. We also cannot 3D print copyrighted properties and/or company logos (such as Batman, Superman, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc).

I have Photoshop and/or Illustrator on my computer, do you have any templates I can use when designing my artwork?
Yes, please use the following links below to download your desired template for your shield size:

Over-Ear: Photoshop | Illustrator CS6 (CS5 | CS4)

On-Ear: Photoshop | Illustrator CS6 (CS5 | CS4)
U.S. Pat. nos. D638,212; D705, 532; D698,333; D625,703 and other patents pending.