V-MODA Zn Reviews and Ratings

"this new in-ear sonically performs at a level higher than its price suggests" -Jude Mansilla, Head-Fi Founder & Editor In Chief

The V-MODA Zn is receiving rave reviews from the most discerning audiophiles, musicians/producers/DJs and media editors.
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V-MODA Zn Reviews

Media Reviews

"For its first in-ear headphones in four years, V-MODA is offering a heady mix of toughness, good looks and great sound"
-Paul Ridden, Gizmag (Read More)
"The Zn is, to my ears, the most balanced of V-MODA's headphones, the one most likely to appeal to audiophile tastes"
-Jude Mansilla, Head-Fi (Read More)
Digital Trends
"The Zn have been designed to be a go-to choice for every kind of listening, from your daily commute, to your workout routine, and even your late-night musical revery"
-Ryan Waniata, Digital Trends (Read More)
"These earphones are a marvel of technology, packing the kind of sound you'd expect from much bigger drivers into something you can fit in your pocket"
-Paul Strauss, Technabob (Read More)
Android Guys
"I cannot praise the low-end reproduction of these earphones enough. The bass detail and depth is simply amazing. It actually bests many full headphones I've heard"
-Josh Noriega, AndroidGuys (Read More)
Slash Gear
"Small, sleek with sound quality audiophiles want"
-Shane McGlaun, Slash Gear (Read More)

Video Reviews

V-MODA 'Zn' Ear-Canal (In-Ear) Stereo Earphone/IEM review by Dale

Audiophile Testimonials

"The Zn has a strong bass, an unremarkable (smooth, clean, uncolored) midrange, and a treble with plenty of energy and detail"
-hifiheadphones.co.uk, Dale Thorn (Read More)
"All I can say is Wow. These things rock, already placed another order for a back-up pair"
Head-Fi, 6stringer (Read More)
"I love the sound. They work great for electronic music and instruments (and voices) sound great as well, everything has a nice natural feel and sound"
-Head-Fi, kauri (Read More)
"These have been coming with me everywhere, they're getting more ear time than all my other cans. The sound is addiciting, especially the bass reproduction and the vocals"
-Head-Fi, roma101 (Read More)
"I was amazed at the soundstage, quality of bass and how confident these earphones perform wtih just an 8mm driver, seems to perform better than some previous 16mm Sony in-ears I had in the past. So KUDOS to the V-MODA Team for engineering something so amazing"
-Head-Fi, Thesonofkrypton (Read More)

Amazon Reviews
V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Amazon Reviews 4.4/5
53 Reviews

"V-MODA nailed it!" (Read More)
"The first time I heard these, they blew my mind INSTANTLY. It literally sounded like I had a function one sound system inside my head" (Read More)
"The Zn is spectacularly good. The sound is clear, crisp and vibrant" (Read More)
"A must have for anyone unwilling to sacrifice audio quality for the sake of mobility" (Read More)